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Our anti ageing cream ingredients: Vetiveria Zizaniodes


Vetiveria, is a perennial grass which grows in tropical regions. Its roots are of particular interest as they contain an essential oil which has been used in medicine for many years - the oil is also used in the fragrance and cosmetic industries.

Kalōnology's Advanced Skin Recovery formulation includes Vetiveria because of it's proven ability to not only support sebum production but to improve it's quality.

It is proven to restore the skin barrier by promoting an increase in skin lipid synthesis, effectively reducing the appearance of fatigued/dry skin - most likely due harsh or excessive cleansing with chemicals which strip the skin of its naturally occurring sebum and lipids complex.

Naturally, as one matures, sebum production reduces by as much as 23% per decade after your 20th birthday!

Skin lipids are essential in every compartment of the skin where they play a key role in various biological functions. Their role is central in the maintenance of hydration which it turn is directly related to skin barrier function.

Without skin lipids (which are mainly composed of ceramides, cholesterol and long-chain free fatty acids) your skin will be dry, saggy and unable to retain moisture.

Over the last 2 years, a lot of time and money has been invested into understanding the effectiveness of this ingredient particularly with regards to it's ability to support and boost lipid production.

Double blind placebo studies conducted on mature volunteers within a controlled clinical study environment using best industry practice, these studies offer conclusive evidence:

1. Vetiveria indeed induces sebum production - but more than that, it also improves the quality of sebum.

2. It is demonstrated that Vetiver is able to restore skin barrier with the increase of skin lipids synthesis which also stimulates the lipids transport and epidermal cornification.

3. Vetiveria induces an improvement in skin hydration and a plumping effect by acting deeply on adipose tissue.

Vetiveria extract has an anti-ageing effect by promoting the renewal of lipids in each skin layer, Kalonology's Vetiver is 100% natural and cruelty free.

 **NB Kalōnology does not use the fragrant version of this ingredient which is noted as a skin sensitiser by some outdated resources** All our formulations are 100% fragrance free.

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